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Oracle Hospitality RES 3700

Oracle Hospitality RES 3700

RES 3700: More than a POS solution, a genuine management tool for your restaurant

The most popular restaurant solution in the world, developed by Oracle and appreciated by both entrepreneurs and managers, for its operational, financial and sales benefits.


  • Real-time access to relevant information

Reports on the most important indicators, such as sales, can be accessed in real time, so that the restaurant’s owners or managers can make decisions, prevent crises and adjust operations to increase sales.

  • More than a cash registration system, a reliable partner for increasing sales

Based on the information recorded by Orace Hospitality RES 3700, you can design lunch menus, “3 for the price of 2” or “Free juice” offers, as well as other relevant offers that increase the sales of complimentary products. Moreover, you can set up several revenue centers which can be monitored individually or all at the same time; on each revenue center you can assign different price ranges for the same product.

  • Operational flexibility, more efficient management

The multiple settings and customization available in the cash registration system have turned it into the most popular solution among restaurant owners and managers worldwide. Whether running a small family business or an international chain, they all want better sales and enhanced efficiency. That is why, in Romania, 6 of the 8 most important players on the restaurant and café market use Orace Hospitality RES 3700.


Cristian Neață
Cristian Neață
F&B Product Manager
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